Question: What coins are supported?
Answer: Currently HYPER, GP, 1337, NLG, are supported.

Question: When are withdrawals sent?
Answer: Withdrawals are normally sent within 5 seconds of requesting a withdrawal but may take longer.

Question: Why is there a withdrawal limit?
Answer: The withdrawal limit is based off amount of coins in wallet. The max you can withdraw is half of coins in wallet.
Example: If there is 100k 1337 coins in wallet you can withdraw 50k 1337.

Question: How does the referral system work?
Answer: You earn 5% of all your referrals winnings.

Question: What is the "Daily Play Bonus"?
Answer: The "Daily Play Bonus" is a bonus to reward players. Every day you play consecutively your daily play bonus goes up 1%.

Question: Why are there pop-under ads? They are annoying.
Answer: Pop-under ads are only loaded before you sign in. Once you sign in you wont get anymore pop-under ads.